A Shot to the Butt…

This Thursday, the 10th of March will mark one month since I’ve been here, which I can’t really believe myself.  So far, there’s only been one hospital visit—a little glitch in my stay, better known as a nasty foot infection.  A few weeks ago I had some pretty bad open blisters from walking around the city for so many days in sandals in this heat and it definitely got infected but then a huge rash appeared on the top half of my foot.  The next day I could not bend my toe from it being so swollen. I went straight to the pharmacy explaining everything and I walked away with some antibiotics and something to help with the swelling.  I got better within 3 days and the exotic rash turned from red to purple and finally disappeared.  Phew. 

1st infection: Pic does not do it justice...it's what's underneat that's pretty gnarly...

Fast forward to running in Uruguay along the paved beach walkways in the 80 something degree heat.  Blisters on each pinky toe.  The next morning a discomfort in each foot wakes me up and I can barely hobble to the pharmacy to ask for more meds.  The nice pharmacy ladies say they can try giving me more antibiotics, but I should go to the doctor.   Hours and hours waiting in a public hospital, waiting for a lady to round the corner and see how funny “Brewer” sounds being yelled in Spanish, since it sounds more like “Brow-Air”, and watching wounded soccer players and other city dwellers hobble out of a room with some make shift sling or hopping on one foot and grabbing a hold of the wall because they didn’t have crutches, I decided I couldn’t wait any longer and left.  I called Sis, the organizer of our soccer team who has lived here for two years and is EMT trained.  She recommended a clinic where I wouldn’t have to wait and would pay about 15 dollars to be seen.  I finally made it and saw an Armenian/Argentine doctor who told me I needed stronger antibiotics and needed to rest and not do anything for an entire week because the foot is such a hard place to heal since it’s always sweating and always dirty.  What? Rest? But I am bike touring tomorrow!  She shot me a face of disappointment that I could barely make out in the dark office that was a hybrid of an old school house and convent.  She also wrapped up both my feet in a way that I could still hobble away in sandals, since 3 of my 5 toes on both feet were fighting infection and she wished me luck with my new fashion.  I always try and play down the fact that I am a foreigner here.  Having my feet both mummified in gauze did not really help my cause while riding the bus and stopping at the pharmacy…

I totally blend in here, from my hair to my toes.

I’d like to conclude this entry, knowing I’ve omitted some important details, with something that I think deserves to be printed online.  When I went to the pharmacy with my 3 prescriptions, 2 of which were for pills, and the other a shot of cortisone to help the swelling in my infected feet, the cute young pharmacist asked me if I wanted to buy the shot, “with or without pain” and laughed, waiting for my nervous facial expression to produce an answer.  Turns out, when you need a shot, it’s done at the pharmacy, and it’s given to you in a little room in the back of the pharmacy, and given to you right in the butt!  I asked, what about the arm, like we do at home? They said the butt is a much better place to give injections.  With my Frankenstein feet, and now a swollen ass, I had plenty of conversational topics to provide at an asado rooftop party on Friday night that Jenn, an American on my soccer team, and her Brazilian roommate were hosting to celebrate her roommates two year anniversary here in Argentina.  I don’t know what’s worse; having to explain the dirtiness of my feet to innocent strangers at a party, or to walk into the party and be introduced to a huge group of Argentines as Hanna and have them all look at me and say, “Ah! Hanna Montana!!!”


2 responses to “A Shot to the Butt…

  1. This made me laugh out loud! Bravo. xoxox

    • Holly, H2 Hbomb, Love that I can get my blog back up and running and that you visit it! =) Your writing and blogging is definitely an inspiration! We are gonna have to have a skype date at some point I think, I am dying to hear about this new chapter of yours. Keep writing. XO

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