Netflicks, but with Humans

I am officially a member of the local DVD video store! Last night I wanted to rent “The Town” to show Javier a bit of Boston and Charlestown—and once I found out that he’s never seen Good Will Hunting, that’s definitely going to be the next one on the rental list. A classic!  He said he liked the Towne because it didn’t end like “all the other Yankee films”.  “What do you mean by, all the other Yankee films?”  He says, “Happily ever after in one of those big houses, big cars, ya know everything big.”  Talk about learning from another perspective.  Everything is “too easy” and “too big” in America…even down to the size of my tooth paste tube.

Back to my membership at the DVD store:  I paid the 3 dollars for the DVD and like anywhere, was told about how long I could keep the movie and then the nice man said something that I thought for sure I misunderstood.  “Qué? Repite. You mean you are going to deliver the DVD to my house the first time I rent it? But I live right down the street, I can just take it now, unless this is a rule or something?”  “Yes, the first DVD you rent, we deliver to your house, it’ll be there in 5 minutes. After that, you can rent the movies here or you can call and we will deliver it to your house.” (as a teenage boy in the back of the counter flickered a smile my way letting me know he was waiting to vrrooom vroom up his moto and deliver the dvd).  Sure enough, about 2 minutes after I walked in the door, sounded the buzzer with the 15 year old waiting at the door with my first DVD rental.  Netflicks for humans, what a concept! I just kept saying thank you over and over, not really knowing what to make of the whole thing.

Next week I have an interview with a bike tour company in Buenos Aires that gives daily tours around the city for about 3 hours each tour.  I went to give my resume to the director when I saw her on a tour last week and then I played soccer that night and told one of the girls on my team, Ana, how I had applied, and one thing led to another, with this small little world we live in, and she works there too.  It would be the perfect part time gig that would work with my schedule here, and to be outside on a bike: utopia!

Yesterday I spent most of my day in San Isidro, a nice suburb 20 minutes by train from my neighborhood of Belgrano. The equivalent in Boston would be like heading out to Belmont or Arlington.  Liz (my Camp cheff assistant, Backroads leader) did an exchange program here and her family in North Carolina continues to host kids from the school in San Isidro and vice versa in San Isidro for kids from Charlotte.  Liz put me in touch with her host mom, Maria who has seven kids and is the director of the entire English/bilingual/exchange program at the local private school for k-12.  What a day I had meeting Maria at her school, learning about the programs there, and then meeting her two youngest sons Tomas and Juako and chatting over coffee and Dulce de Leche, about her sons experiences in North Carolina (which includes a Bottle of BBQ sauce in their fridge), and about my connection with Liz through Backroads.

Juako, starting university, and Tomas, in high school in their backyard.

Maria y yo en San Isidro!

It was such a unique experience to be visiting the school at this time because the teachers and students start their new school year in a week, now that summer is ending.  I walked in to that distinct environment you can practically smell in the air, of summer ending and another school year beginning. Scrubbing floors, dusting off supplies, all the teachers were prepping their rooms, or hearing that they were all of a sudden teaching a different grade then they had planned for, and asking where their books were in the attic, the school nurse organizing and stocking materials, all the same exact things we teachers do every fall around the world.  It was a little blast from the past for me, now that I’ve been away from teaching since last June. 

Prepping a 4th grade classroom!

The main Plaza separating each wing of the different grades. So pretty!

Maria is looking into having me be a part of the high school “Global Perspectives” class to come in once or twice a week and present topics on the U.S or any of my previous travels and work part time there, and also helping students who need more challenging English conversation opportunities.  I think if I can make this work with bike touring, I’ll have a hard time leaving Buenos Aires!  (Don’t worry, Mom). It’s really quite perfect because she knows I am leaving in May, but wants to try and take advantage of my native English skills and bring them to the school if possible.  Any other teaching position I apply for here is tough to get if I honestly tell them I’m leaving in May, so this may be the perfect happy-medium.

Maria and her family have hosted students from around the world, opening their home to anyone coming through San Isidro who needs a place to stay, like Justa and Edguardo did many times for a full year with exchange students like Angie.  I am humbled by the amount of people that welcome me with open arms here.  I am forever appreciative and thankful for that. 

Gotta go return that DVD and figure out the translation for “Good Will Hunting” in Spanish.  More Futból tonight! Love from the land of “Good Air”. Miss you all!


6 responses to “Netflicks, but with Humans

  1. Hanna,
    So sorry to hear that you’re bored and looking for things to do. Kidding!! I finally had a chance to catch up on your blog and you wore me out! You’re doing tons of amazing things, and it’s always fun to read about your adventures. I spent the last two days in northern Louisiana, and of course had to get my fill of Cajun food. Tonight I drove through a little piece of Arkansas, during the trip to Texarkana, TX (there’s also Texarkana, AR), and during the three hour drive, all I could think of, while sometimes singing, was “Way down in Louisiana, just about a mile from Texarkana, in those old cotton fields back home” !!
    Take care.
    Love, Dad

  2. Dear Hanna, I love you. Also loved your dad’s reply–a little geography lesson there mentioning the two Texarkanas. I loved reading of your locale, the nice folks you’ve met, and the amazing Maria, who, with not much to do having only seven kids, manages to host anyone who comes by her door Also love the picture of Juako and Tomas (huggable). I hope the part-time teaching and possible biking jobs work out for you. I don’t know how you manage, no matter where you are on the planet, to find the things you most love to do. We pray for you daily, and know that your presence in Argentina will reflect well for our country.
    You did spell “genuflect” correctly, and I must confess that’s what I’ve been doing while reading your blog. Gram and I are well, loving seventies and eighties that we’ve basked in of late. We’ll have more of the same when your mother and Jacqi (sp?) arrive. Stay well. Love, Gramps xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Glenn you’re corny ! Hanna, so fun reading your blogs again. I’m going thru withdrawals from Dan’s blogs. Now I’m in to rereading them! If you need a good Massachusetts flick try “the fighter”. It is so massachusettes it’s scary. It’s Christian slater and mark wahlberg. Hanna, it sounds like you’re having the time of your life. Keep happy and healthy and keep celebrating your good life. Love Aunt Ruth .

    • Hahhaa Ruth–my dad can be corny, yes! Sometimes I don’t feel like blogging, but I am always happy when I do so that I can also look back and remember what I did living in Buenos Aires for 3 months, and it’s much easier having it online than a bunch of paper journals like I used to do! I saw the fighter in NH and it’s showing here, so maybe I will bring some Argentines from here to see it. Love you Ruth and hope you are well up there in the winter in Maine! XOXO

  4. Hi Hunz, As you have no doubt noticed my typing is pitiful, but if you take out all the doubles or wrong letters we’re ok. You have been writing some interesting blogs, Hanna, and we have a few questions-Have you won any soccer games.? Why was one game or so inside? What is a spin class? We were thinking of the movie about Boston or Chelsea & I think it was called Mystic River and Sean Penn was lead actor maybe. It shows a seamy side for sure. How much snow did you have today- we so far have about 6 inches & goes till late evening i guess. WE think you have a job teaching ? Love,M & ?F

    • Hi M and F! Glad you have been following the blog! Our soccer games on Wednesdays are just pick up games, playing against eachother and it’s usually pretty even games, which makes it really fun and hard to keep track of who is winning. Our Sunday tournaments have been really successful, but I have only been to one! The Wednesday night games are in a little sports complex that is covered and has NO ventilation! THe Sunday games are out on the coast of the river and under the sun! Spinning class is a somewhat new phenomenon of aerobic workouts in gyms, it’s a bunch of stationary bikes and they are 40-60 min classes where you have really good music loud, and you turn the lights to low and the instructor tries to simulate a real bike ride out on a mountaneous stretch of road, and you have this tension dial that you use to simulate hills. It’s an amazing work out and for those of us who live in winter, it’s a great opportunity to “ride a bike” year round. I don’t have a job teaching–I thought I might, but it didn’t happen. I could get some classes if I started posting ads around the neighborhood, but so far I am giving the bike thing a try! Love you tons and think about you always. XO

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