A tribute to life transitions

I’ll point out the obvious (with much excitement) that I’m a blogger now!  It only took me 6 years of stuffing your inboxes with my weekly summer travel e-mails.  I figure writing a blog is more important than packing my life into a few pieces of rolling luggage and day pack before I set off on Monday to Salt Lake City, Utah.  In some ways I’ve been avoiding the creation of this blog because then the end of an 8 year era in Beantown becomes more of a reality for me.  There has seemed to be opportunities around every corner in Boston for me and looking ahead, I know when I fly into Logan airport and see the skyline, I’ll most certainly find solace in the fact that I’m coming “home”.  This entry is a flashbook of sorts, feeling like I can’t start my new chapter of life without bringing closure to the old.   College memories, three years of teaching, an etched map of Boston via bike, T, car, foot, the best taxi short cuts, and a scroll of the hundreds of universities, all stored in my mind, the best group of girlfriends, roommate (borderline wife), travel buddies, New England excursions, Lobster feeds in NH (thanks Dad!), concerts , wearing dresses on fixed gear bikes (while holding a large cheese pizza), runs along the Charles River, and answering to “Yo Miss!”


The title of my blog came from my last day of work at Another Course to College, yesterday June 4, 2010 and transpired from a little surprise party that my lovely teacher friends put together at lunch time.  I walked in to a table covered in oversized construction paper cards with “Good Luck Ms. Brewer” written all over it, cake, balloons, Gerber daisy’s (my fave!) and a backpack, with an appropriate theme: “Dora La Exploradora” clad in glitter writing “lo hicimos” or “we did it!” across the front mini pocket.  The other teachers said I’d have to bring that on my first luxury trip. I think it’ll be perfect for some of the 5 star premiere inn trips (see photo below).  I was also given the suggestion that if I end up with my first trip to Glacier National Park, that I’ll have to change my blog title to, “Hanna Montana”.  Still mildly wary to associate myself with Miley Cyrus.  I also have to give a personal shout out to Kailin for exponentially raising my “backroads trip leader cool factor” by surprising me with the vibram 5 finger shoes that my new re-aligned body will thank once I break them in! I can wear them to do anything!  I read Born to Run in December and after reading more about this barefoot running craze, I was thinking about investing in a pair, so big thanks to Kailin for speeding up that process.

Leaving teaching was a wild emotional day, filled with immeasurable amounts of hugs and thank you’s and good bye’s with students and staff.  I had to wait to read the cards that the students wrote me because I didn’t want the waterworks to start just yet.  I will keep those cards with me forever and never forget everything I have learned from them.  Despite the emotional day, it was filled with a proper fiesta in each of my classes, 7 layer mexican dip that my students have been asking me for a year to make again, music, and even a little video I took of one class singing their favorite Spanish song I taught them, “Fotografias” by Jaunes and Nelly Furtado.  Well, the girls love it.  The boys are just in the background of the video eating. 

My last real weekend in Boston is filled with chaperoning proms at ACC last night and at the school I used to work at, Health Careers Academy tonight, followed by a 5k for my last running club race of the year on the Charles River with 10 of my runners at 9 am.  Starting Running Club was the best decision I could’ve made to keep me in teaching and handle the stresses of the classroom. I will miss the kids and watching them grow as runners after completing over 30 races in the past 2 years of the club.

As I’m wrapping this first entry up, I am staring out my big 2nd floor windows, covered in ivy, looking at two ’97 gold camrys parked side by side (of which Alison and I are the proud owners. pause for giggle here).  That pretty much sums up the marriage between Alison and I living in our apartment that has been so good to us as our first experience writing rent checks.  She is also the reason why I was able to get through the tough times in my first three years of teaching and why I was able to stick with it after my first year.  I am not sure if I will ever live with someone again who is able to function as a complete unit with me.  I am already excited and looking forward to the first time that I can crash on the couch of her new place she’ll find in Cambridge/Somerville. 

It’s time for this maestra to say Adios to lesson planning and grading, and start packing for a job I’ve been dreaming about since I accepted the position in early April.  I’m excited to see what new material I will have to write about starting at 7:30 am on Tuesday when training promptly starts for a 2.5 week period. 

I leave with a flashback to 5th grade/1995 television programs:    Carmen San Diego has some tough competition.  Where in the world is, “Hanna la Exploradora”? 

Off to my next prom…!

"Official Backroads Leader Equipment 2010"


6 responses to “A tribute to life transitions

  1. Hey Hanna…….So happy you have the blog loaded. It’s very nice and filled with a lot of sentiment about your life in Boston. Soon you’ll be tantalizing us with many new stories and adventures. Good luck and happy times. Love you, Aunt Ruth

  2. Flashing back to the days of booting the soccer ball across the fields at Newmie, who would have thought at the time that you would be where you are now? I’ve had the honor and pleasure of watching you transform from a young teenager sporting braces aspiring for some sort of greatness outside of Newmarket to the amazing woman you are today. I’ve loved reading about your adventures over the years and I’m so happy you’ve started this blog. You will be sorely missed, but I know you’ll return for visits. We look forward to receiving postcards from all over from Auntie Hunz. Maybe someday you’ll take Emma on a wonderful adventure. I feel so blessed to have you as a best friend. We love you so much and wish you the absolute best in this new chapter in your life. xoxo
    -Erica & family 🙂

  3. Mormor& Farfar

    We’re with you Hanna, now we’ll have even more toi look forward to on many days. Between you & Dan you will keep us out of mischiefYou must be really busy now so stay cool & go with the flow. We wish you every success with your new life adventure &we think your Co is lucky to have you to lead some backroads trips. More later. Love, m&F

  4. Hanna, unbeliveable that it’s time to get on the plane tomorrow and start your new adventure! Good luck in Salt Lake City, and we can’t wait to hear all about it.
    Love, Dad

  5. Good Luck Hanna. It will be great fun to follow your adventures. I can’t think of a more perfect job for you – it is as if all your experiences to date have been preparing you for this. Enjoy, learn and grow….Love, Aunt Susan

  6. Hanna, We revel in the knowledge of your new job, which is an adventure in itself. What fun (and hard work) is in your future as you guide those under your direction. We pray for your continued happiness and success in this exciting new career you have chosen. Love, Gram and Gramps xoxoxoxo

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